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Organisation Coaching


The company: A fast growing Norwegian SME with a big Data Integration Platform (Domain specific iPaaS) purpose built for utilities to empower their Smart Grid, Smart City and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


The goal: Their goal was to find a way to accelerate “time to revenue” to meet the ambitious Board growth requirements.

The challenge: Analysing and reflecting with the CEO and the executive team on the current go-to-market strategy, its execution and mapping the journey of transition towards an optimised strategy to win large international deals, faster. Helping the team understand an Account Based Marketing (ABM) methodology, associated processes, systems (CRM, content authoring, chatbot) and resources required to practice and accompanying the team throughout the set up and transition.


Format: 1 year. 40% Face-to-face / 60% remote. A few hours of training.

Co-financing asset hungry projects



Investment readiness


Organisation Coaching


The Sponsor: BlueInvest programme financed by the European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund.


The Company: An SME with a tidal energy solution.


The Goal: Optimise the business organisation and investment-readiness to co-finance a large project partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Engage into negotiations with investors better suited to the company growth ambitions.


The Challenge: Helping the Chief Marketing Officer profile the ideal impact investors - angels and venture capital firms - and find ways to reach them at scale to launch a crowdfunding campaign in November 2020. Support the pitch-deck redesign and help practice. Set up external marketing support to efficiently promote the investment opportunity and crowdfunding campaign.


Format: 4 months. 100% remote.

Delighting customers even further



Value proposition

Digital transformation


The Sponsor: Chief Marketing Officer of the water division of one of the largest Engineering Consultancies

The Company: Experts in assessing risks and supporting clients with water usage and management. A team in 90 countries collaborating across 50 technical and advisory disciplines.


The Goal: Improve B2B Customer Experience(CX) and embed it into the company culture.

The Challenge: Understand current Customer Experience current practices across all aspects of the water practice, develop CX skills - personas, customer journey, value proposition, KPIs - and encourage project leaders and their teams to practice through coaching.


Format: 6 months. Executives & clients interviews. 2 businesses coaches/consultants. 1 team productivity mobile app. 60% face-to-face, 40% remote. 1/2 day training X 2.

Leadership in times of crisis




Sports championship



The company: European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator

The goal: Help SME leaders, the EIC accelerator beneficiaries, make it through covid19 crisis.

Solution: Using the metaphore of sports championship, sports coaching and the experience of elite athletes. Build bridges with the world of SME leaders in order re-motivate and equip them with resilient leadership tools and techniques to resist any crisis.

Format: 1/2 day interactive and virtual workshop July 2020. 30 CEOs and executives. Live participation of an in-line Hockey elite athlete.  



Virginie has an extensive background in marketing and business development which was very well suited for us. She is very good in business strategy and I especially enjoyed working with her on the customer segmentation. She brings in value and experience and ensures her customers really focus on questioning what they are doing in well but even more importantly where we can improve.

Arni Peturson, Channel & Alliances Manager - Secure Code Warrior Iceland


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