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innovation commercialisation & adoption


Clarify Team Purpose

Align and engage your team to formulate, communicate and execute the strategic objectives. Your innovation commercialisation or adoption roadmap becomes clearer before your eyes

Find Solutions
Take Action

Find your very own solution and gear up to achieve systemic change. Collaborating with a coach able motivate for change thanks to 5 years of practice, 2000 hours with 150 leaders

Successful Teamwork

Achieve greater team efficiency and results leveraging diversity with a coach trained in international business, expert in collaboration across the supply chain, with coaching experience in 27 countries since 2015


For the past 26 years, I have helped businesses commercialise and adopt the most complex technologies - electronic components, smart sensors, SaaS, AI, IoT and blockchain solutions.

Today, I coach leaders and their teams to find ways to design and execute strategies that accelerate business growth to achieve impact, value and outcomes faster.


  • Organisation Coaching

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Engaging with corporates = Account Based Marketing (ABM).

  • Team leadership and OKRs

  • Digital transformation.

Clients include:

  • Energy and water utilities and their contractors

  • Private Innovation Labs and Public Accelerators to help SME leaders commercialise their technology, achieve business growth and speed at the same time. My experience as a startup Founder, a Director of an upscaling SME and a female Board Director resonates with their personal journey.

Get ready to go from "brain fog" to a clear roadmap and for lots of action!

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