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Speed up innovation commercialisation and adoption

Reach 3500 innovation experts

Access my large network of international contacts to set up open-innovation projects or win pilots and clients faster.

Adopt a digital solution

Together we will evaluate the options, select and adopt a robot, a CRM or an automation solution to work smarter. You'll never want to go back to the old way. 


Clarify your strategy

Align and engage your team to clearly formulated and communicated strategic objectives. Your roadmap becomes clearer before your eyes.

Find the solution within yourself

5 years of practice and 2000 hours of coaching with 45 CEOs and 150 executives guarantee a high level of engagement to help you find your very own solution.



Leadership Coaching

Goal Setting, OKRs, Strategy Execution, Innovation and change, Accelerating a business growth, Organisation for upscaling, Delegation, Develop Accountability

Team Coaching

Strategy development, Team culture, Market Analysis, Segmentation, Go-to-market Strategy, Distribution Strategy, Demand Generation, Account Based Marketing, Quantified Value Proposition, Automation

Women empowerment

Find your values, Goal setting, Find ways to achieve your goals, Develop confidence and Self-esteem

Work Meeting

As an Organisation Business Coach, i am the catalyst in the transformation of your business to commercialise or adopt the most complex technologies - SaaS, AI, IoT or blockchain. I coach executives and their teams so they find ways to bridge the gap between enterprise procurement, end-users, the supply chain and other stakeholders.

Right from the onset, my intervention focuses everyone on the objectives that matter to the innovation uptake, to business growth and to resilience in order to deliver value and outcomes faster.


I work with two kinds of clients:

Optimise your strategy

Energy and water utility Innovation Directors and large contractors rely on
a 26-year international career in high technologies to facilitate systemic change with their:

  • Innovation culture

  • Customer experience

  • Value proposition

  • Collaboration with the supply chain.

+46% revenue growth*

Water and energy technology SME CEOs - seeking business growth and speed at the same time - and their teams relate relate to with my experience as a startup Founder, a Director of an upscaling SME and a female Board Director.

I am hired by Innovation Labs and public accelerators to coach SMEs in a number of areas:

  • Access to finance

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Strategic objective setting and OKRs

  • Engaging with corporates = Account Based Marketing (ABM)

  • Value propositions

  • Organise your business to upscale / for growth. 

My coaching style is high energy; energy which I have learnt to tame being a chronic headache sufferer. I now use some of those techniques in my coaching practice: clients draw or go for walks to encourage breathing, grounding, self-pacing or creativity. Sports coaching techniques - such as developing mental toughness or championship strategies - also invite themselves into our conversations where they contribute to leadership development, resilience and team motivation.  Read some case studies for details.

In addition, with a 30% increase in global energy demand by 2040 and a 40% shortfall in global water supply by 2030**, I am committed to helping resolve some of the challenges and joined the Future Water Association as a Board Director in 2016.

If you want to transform your business to commercialise innovation, grow your revenue or embrace innovation faster, get ready to go from "brain fog" to a clear roadmap within minutes; "aha moments" included en route!

*ICF business coaching report

**The International Energy Association and United Nations respectively.





  • Future Water Association Board Director since 2016 (UK)

  • Founder of team productivity mobile app (UK)

  • Innovation Coaching: Energy and water efficiency retrofitted smart solution (CH)

  • Innovation Coaching: System to detect heavy metals in water & wastewater (Sweden)

  • Innovation Coaching: Inline flow cytometry solution to detect E.coli in water (CH)

  • Innovation Coaching: Augmented Reality IoT SaaS for industrial and energy asset maintenance (Portugal)

  • Innovation Coaching: Emergency response SaaS  (Norway)

  • Innovation Coaching: Pure water solution for microelectronics manufacturers (Sweden)

  • Innovation Coaching: Optical sensor to monitor Deep sea water quality (Germany)

  • Innovation Coaching: Energy utilities iPaaS smart platform (Norway)

  • Innovation Coaching: Water testing sensor (UK)

  • Innovation Coaching: Water testing solution using animal behavior analysis (France)

  • Innovation Coaching: Chlorine management IoT solution (France)

  • Innovation Coaching: Wastewater management SaaS (France)

  • Innovation Coaching: Tidal energy solution (UK)

  • Innovation Coaching: cHTG system to convert liquid waste into biogas, clean water, and fertilizers (Switzerland)


  • Associate Carbon Limiting Technologies (CLT, UK)

  • Innovation Coaching: Energy and water efficiency retrofitted smart solution (CH)

  • Innovation Coaching: Augmented Reality IoT SaaS solution for industrial and energy asset maintenance (Portugal)

  • Innovation Coaching: Emergency response SaaS (Norway)

  • Innovation Coaching: Energy utilities iPaaS smart platform (Norway)


  • Account Director, Analog Devices EMEA, 15 years

  • Account Director, Texas Instrument (EMEA)

  • Innovation Coaching:  Pure water solution for microelectronics manufacturers (Sweden)

  • Business Coaching: Power electronics for HPC market (UK)

  • Innovation Coaching: National Research Centre Demokritos working on nanometrology software systems (Greece)

  • Innovation Coaching: home access control systems (Greece)

  • Consulting: Go-to-market strategy for a start-up developing alternatives to the caesium atomic clock with up to stratum-1 accuracy (UK)

  • Consulting: Go-to-market strategy for a developer of RFIC intellectual property and design services for the wireless and mobile markets (UK)

  • Consulting: Market analysis for a smart metering start-up (UK)

  • Consulting: Market analysis for printed electronics start-up (UK)

  • Consulting: Market analysis for an electronic component manufacturing start-up (UK)

  • Consulting: Market analysis for a bearings manufacturer active in  optoelectronics and semiconductor (UK)

  • Consulting: Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (Greece)

Water Tanks



Virginie has an extensive background in marketing and business development which was very well suited for us. She is very good in business strategy and I especially enjoyed working with her on the customer segmentation. She brings in value and experience and ensures her customers really focus on questioning what they are doing in well but even more importantly where we can improve.

Arni Peturson, Channel & Alliances Manager - Secure Code Warrior Iceland

Helicopter Rescue Team


Business Continuity Institute




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